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The September/October 2007 Issue Is Out Now

Aug 22, 2007 View Comments by

The September/October 2007 issue of RoadRUNNER magazine just hit the bookstores, and subscriber’s can find it conveniently in their mailbox. The website has also been updated with the newest issue, including previews of all the articles.

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Motorcycle Scene August ’07

Aug 17, 2007 View Comments by

Whether you’re hitting the twisties, tearing up the back roads, or cruising the boulevard, Moto Guzzi and Aprilia have you covered. With the new Guaranteed Ride Program, new owners don’t have to worry about losing any riding days if their qualified motorcycle breaks down (sorry, no scooters or off-road models are covered). …

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Shamrock Tour DVD: Helen, GA

Aug 13, 2007 View Comments by

Christa, Neale, and Chris just got back from riding the latest Shamrock Tour in Helen, Georgia. Along with incredible scenery and world-class riding, this feature tour comes with a twist. A video crew was along for the ride, shooting all the fun. A short preview has been posted on the homepage.

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Passing On the Inside

Aug 10, 2007 View Comments by

This summer, Buell Motorcycle Company is promoting a groundbreaking new Track Day Program called “Inside Pass: The Ultimate Track Day.” This program will open premium race tracks around the U.S. to riders of all brands, giving them the opportunity to test ride the latest Buell models on-track during the event. Inside Pass gives licensed riders the rare opportunity to experience a topnotch track day aboard their personal motorcycles, and if they wish, to take on-track demo rides of the latest Buell models. …

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RoadRUNNER Newsletter July 2007

Aug 03, 2007 View Comments by

Motorcycling covers a broad spectrum of activities by a diverse group of people, who each enjoy the sport in their own special way. Whether it’s vintage motorcycle collecting, women building choppers, racers chasing a checkered flag or professional athletes riding for charity, we can all enjoy and appreciate each other’s passion for the sport.

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Pirelli Sets Track Record at Hallett

Aug 02, 2007 View Comments by

At the Central Motorcycle Roadracing Association (CMRA) race event this past weekend at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit, Hallett, Oklahoma, Racer Ty Howard set a new overall motorcycle track record using a set of Pirelli Diablo Superbike Slicks.

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Letter from the Editor: July/August 2007

Jul 14, 2007 View Comments by

Usually when you run into a state trooper, it’s about speeding. But not always. Meet Mark Brown, an avid motorcyclist, a North Carolina State Highway Patrolman, and the Training Coordinator for the North Carolina Special Operations Motor Unit. We first encountered Mark when he invited us to one of his training classes in Durham, NC.

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