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Just Ride

Oct 15, 2013 View Comments by

It’s 7:00 a.m. and we’re heading down Route 9 in eastern Kentucky. There’s a morning chill in the air, fifty-something degrees, tempered by the raised windshield and heated grips of the Kawasaki Concours 14 and the closed vents of the Aerostich. Sandy’s on my six with his FJR. Directly ahead of us is a scene […]

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Is That a Shorai Lithium Iron Battery in Your Pocket?

Oct 02, 2013 View Comments by

I’m going to out on a limb here and say that pound for pound and dollar for dollar there’s no more cost effective way to reduce the weight of your motorcycle than to get one of these here newfangled lithium iron batteries from Shorai. A Shorai battery shaved over seven pounds from my bike! Seven […]

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Digital Rider: Aerostich Roadcrafter Light Midsummer Report

Aug 20, 2013 View Comments by

And so the Aerostich is filthy. Like industrial grade filthy. Like I’d better wash it before it gets up and walks away filthy. No, it wasn’t the woods of Ontario that did it, although some of the bugs (big enough to throw a saddle over) left their mark. And no, it wasn’t the mist of […]

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Getting Google Maps and Garmin to Play Nicely

Jul 01, 2013 View Comments by

I love Google Maps; it’s a great way to plan a trip with friends. I also love my old Garmin GPS Map 60CSX, an old handheld unit that’s helped me navigate to some of the most beautiful places on earth. But while I love them both, they don’t love each other. There’s no button on […]

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Sounds Like the Future (2013 Zero S in Manhattan)

Jun 25, 2013 View Comments by

Zero Motorcycles recently brought their 2013 lineup of electric motorcycles to New York City. I was lucky enough to grab one to ride around the Big Apple and to stop by the Ear Inn (the motorcycle gathering spot on Tuesday nights) before bringing the bike home for the evening. There will be a write-up in […]

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Sony Xperia ZR: Who’s Afraid of a Little Rain?

May 15, 2013 View Comments by

Smartphones are wonderful gadgets, aren’t they? Dick Tracy never had it so good. But they are such delicate flowers, afraid of the bumps, bruises, and occasional raindrops of everyday life. Nearly everyone gets a bulky protective case, even though it’s kind of like putting vinyl slipcovers on the good furniture in the living room. Enter […]

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A ‘Stich in Time

May 02, 2013 View Comments by

Quick, what’s been the greatest technological breakthrough in motorcycling of the last twenty-five years? You’ve got ten seconds … [cue Jeopardy theme song]…three…two…one… ok, time’s up, what’s your guess? Engine management? Tires? Brakes? GPS? Cup holders? You could probably build a strong argument for any of them (well, maybe not the last one), but I […]

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Canon Enters the Mirrorless Fray with the EOS-M

Mar 18, 2013 View Comments by

There’s a new breed of cameras that drawing a lot of interest from photographers. They’re so new that people can’t seem to agree on what to call them – ILCs (Interchangeable Lens Cameras), CSC (Compact System Cameras) or Mirrorless (due to the fact that unlike DSLRs, they don’t have mirrors). In any case, the benefit […]

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Olympus Cameras for the Digital Rider

Mar 12, 2013 View Comments by

Olympus is one of the oldest-remaining names in photography. They released their first camera in 1936, which I think is before most of you were born. In that time they’ve seen their share of drama, most recently with an accounting scandal that threatened to sink the ship. But even through the gloom they’ve managed to release some […]

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Fuji Rides the Retro New Wave with the X-E1

Mar 06, 2013 View Comments by

If you’re the kind of rider that likes modern interpretations of classic bikes and eschews cordura and hi-viz yellow for classic, durable leather, then the Fuji X-E1 may be the camera for you. Literally dripping and oozing with retro style, the metal and faux leather finish harken back to the days before SLRs, when rangefinders […]

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Pentax cameras for Digital Riders

Jan 09, 2013 View Comments by

Pentax wanted to show us three cameras that they thought suitable for the motorcycle tourer. The Optio WG-II is a rugged all weather camera that can be used in the cold, under water, and in other extreme conditions. The Q10 is as small as a point-and-shoot but has interchangeable lenses just like a DSLR, and […]

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It’s the End of the World as we Know it

Dec 19, 2012 View Comments by

We interrupt the Internet to bring you this important announcement—the end is nigh. We repeat—the end is nigh, the world is coming to an end, according to some that have (mis?) interpreted the Mayan calendar, and there is very little time to prepare. As I see it, there are limited options: Option One: Buy the awesomest […]

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RoadRUNNER Speaks with Panasonic at PhotoPLUS

Dec 18, 2012 View Comments by

Panasonic brought a panoply of cameras to New York and had three in particular that they wanted to show us—the new GH3 mirrorless camera, the FZ200 super-zoom, and the mighty compact LX-7. New York based pro photog, and fellow-motorcyclist, Rick Gerrity was also there to share some real-world experiences with Panasonic cameras. The GH3 is the much-anticipated successor to the GH2, […]

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Review: CamOne Infinity POV Camera

Dec 11, 2012 View Comments by

It’s all about the POV cam, man, those diminutive cinematic wonders that bring your couch bound friends into the thick of your action. The market is booming, if you haven’t been to YouTube lately, and into this fray CamOne Tec introduces their Infinity. Like a lot of other POV cameras, the Infinity is a little […]

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Summer with the Contour ROAM

Dec 04, 2012 View Comments by

Over the course of the summer, the Contour ROAM became my default POV camera for one simple reason – it’s so easy to use. While other cameras have small LCD screens and little buttons to maneuver through configuration menus and video quality settings, the Contour ROAM was often pulled off the shelf and thrown into […]

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