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Compass Expeditions adding Turkey to Lineup

Nov 07, 2011 View Comments by

Compass Expeditions just announced the addition to Turkey to its tour lineup for 2012. Three different tours will be offered, all 10 days in duration with various departure dates. The tour costs 3990 Euros for the rider or 1990 Euros for Co-Rider. All tours will be on BMW’s GS series motorcycles. Please contact Compass Expeditions […]

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Alaska Recap – Reader Ride

Oct 09, 2011 View Comments by

The ambition for many motorcyclists is to ride to and/or in Alaska.  The lure of the far country, the stories of magnificent glaciers, primeval forests, huge rivers teaming with salmon, wild animals everywhere you look, breath taking scenery, and challenging road conditions all create the fantasy of riding off into the wild.  Well, after spending […]

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Africa Part 2

Oct 06, 2011 View Comments by

Here’s the first day of riding through Africa with Motoaventures. What a great teaser video…

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Africa Part 1

Oct 05, 2011 View Comments by

Last year Tim went along on our 5 Country Tour and had a blast. The travel bug bit him many years ago, but this summer he went on an African motorcycle trip with Charley Boorman and MotoAventures. Tim kept up with his own blog with amazing photos along with a story line. Another Africa tour […]

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NEW – Che Guevara Tour by Edelweiss

Oct 03, 2011 View Comments by

Edelweiss announced that one of their new tours for 2012 will take participants to Cuba. The full schedule at 58 tours makes choosing the right one easy. Just pick one. The tour begins and ends in Cuba’s capital, La Havana. The total mileage is between 960-1090 miles with daily mileages in the range of 50-260 […]

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North to Alaska: Day 2

Aug 17, 2011 View Comments by

My serendipitous find of the Basque Inn provided a good nights sleep and hearty breakfast to see me on my way. My goal today was to meet up with my friends in Boise Idaho at Happy-Trails. Tim Bernard and his manager Jason Ward have been very supportive and I have done some product testing for […]

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North to Alaska: Day 1

Aug 12, 2011 View Comments by

Day 1 Friday August 5th: Leaving Los Angeles I headed north on Hwy-14 past Mojave and continued up US-395. The highway out of the LA area isn’t very interesting until you get north of Bishop California. The road begins to climb up the toward Mammoth and June Lakes. Reaching over 5,000 feet the high desert […]

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North to Alaska – Planning the trip

Jul 26, 2011 View Comments by

If you’ve been following my RoadRUNNER blog you know that over the past couple of years I’ve begun to realize that I’m getting older, which is more than just marking off days on a calendar. Even though I don’t feel it, I’m coming up on my 62nd birthday, and the sad fact of the matter […]

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Taking That Epic Trip

Jul 19, 2011 View Comments by

“You work and work for years and years, you’re always on the go You never take a minute off, too busy makin’ dough Someday, you say, you’ll have your fun, when you’re a millionaire Imagine all the fun you’ll have in your old rockin’ chair Enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think Enjoy yourself, while […]

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Newest Harley-Davidson Store at Downtown Disney® West Side

Jul 11, 2011 View Comments by

When customers enter the newest Orlando Harley-Davidson (OHD) location at Downtown Disney® West Side, they won’t hear the usual store soundtrack of chart-toppers and oldies. As soon as they set foot inside, they’ll be greeted by the sounds of the road: the roar of V-twin engines accelerating from 0 to 60 and the signature “potato-potato” […]

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Machu Picchu discovered 100 years ago! Come with RoadRUNNER to ride in Peru!

Jul 08, 2011 View Comments by

RoadRUNNER is pleased to announce an additional organized tour. Starting in 2012 we’ll guide readers through Peru. Now that Machu Picchu is celebrating 100 years since discovery by Hiram Bingham in 1911, what better time to visit this UNSECO World Heritage Site? Join the RoadRUNNER team on this tour specially designed for our readers. Savor […]

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Arizona Motorcycle Touring Center for Sale

Jul 01, 2011 View Comments by

Thousands of motorcycle riders have had the opportunity to enjoy the Arizona Motorcycle Experience through millions of miles in and around the four corner states. MCTOURS, LLC, the operator of the Arizona Motorcycle Touring CenterSM and the provider of the Arizona Motorcycle Experience has developed a profitable motorcycle rental and touring business that has a […]

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Ride the Southern Dozen

Jun 13, 2011 View Comments by

Johnson City has fast become a known hub for motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the country.  The Johnson City Convention & Visitors Bureau has mapped out 12 of the best rides in Johnson City and branded them “The Southern Dozen.”  Now, a chance is available to start a riding adventure that could result in prizes, […]

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1st Berlin DDR Motorrad Museum East German Motorcycle Collection

Jun 06, 2011 View Comments by

On a recent visit to Berlin, Germany I happened upon a quirky, esoteric museum that must be the only one of its kind: a collection of motorcycles, scooters, and motorized bikes only from the former Iron Curtain country of East Germany, or DDR. On display are more than 140 motorcycles, scooters and mopeds by little-known […]

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A Camping Adventure in Amado, Arizona

May 05, 2011 View Comments by

To be honest, I’ve never been a big fan of the desert. I know that some revel in the hot, sandy, dry, dusty, conditions – but not me. However, sometimes you have to go where the action is, which was the case in April when my friend Rick Bradley and I went to the Overland […]

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