Explorers’ Edge Announces Best Motorcycle Touring Roads in Cottage Country

Jul 30, 2015 View Comments by

The Top 10 Roads in Ontario, Canada
 – After sending a motorcycling expert out to check the condition of its “Top 10 Roads” in Ontario’s cottage country, the regional tourism organization known as Explorers’ Edge has made some changes to its recommended routes for summer and fall motorcycle touring. The “Top 10 Roads” recommendations are […]

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Motorcycle Grand Tour of Virginia

Mar 13, 2014 View Comments by

It’s a simple, yet brilliant idea: combine the resources of a state’s motorcycle dealers with their tourism department to create a motorcycle tour highlighting what that state has to offer. That’s the concept behind Virginia’s Motorcycle Grand Tour. Here’s how it works: When you pay your $30 registration fee you receive your “passport” along with […]

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Destination Paradise: Hawaii – Part 4

Feb 20, 2013 View Comments by

There was a time when people would say that you could pick the island and decade you wanted to live in. Oahu was the ‘80s, Kauai was the ‘60s, and Maui was the ‘70s. That’s changed in the last ten years, Oahu is now the 2000s, Maui is the ‘90s, but Kauai is still the […]

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Destination Paradise: Hawaii – Part 2

Feb 06, 2013 View Comments by

The first thing to remember about Hawaii is that everything is shipped in, meaning it’s expensive. Just double what you pay at home, and for goodness sakes, remember “home” is the mainland, not the states. Hawaii is a state too, and the locals are quick to correct you. We were paying $50 for breakfast at […]

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