Explorers’ Edge Announces Best Motorcycle Touring Roads in Cottage Country

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The Top 10 Roads in Ontario, Canada
 – After sending a motorcycling expert out to check the condition of its “Top 10 Roads” in Ontario’s cottage country, the regional tourism organization known as Explorers’ Edge has made some changes to its recommended routes for summer and fall motorcycle touring. The “Top 10 Roads” recommendations are […]

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Company Profile: Hannigan Motorsports

Jan 15, 2013 View Comments by

Founded by owners David and Ruth Anne Hannigan, Hannigan Motorsports began over 35 years ago building fairings for BMWs. The young company then expanded into producing sidecars. At the time they were based in Toronto, Ontario and David and Ruth Anne realized that since the majority of their business was coming from the U.S., it […]

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