Maintaining Clutch, Brake, Throttle Controls, and Cables

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Most motorcycles use cables to connect the twist grip to the carb(s) or throttle bodies; many also use cables for the clutch, cold-start control, and even brakes. Servicing these critical components is fairly simple and prevents problems later. Maintenance intervals vary, and bikes ridden in dust, sand, or mud need extra maintenance. It’s good to […]

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It’s Never too Late to Dream: Part 3

Nov 05, 2012 View Comments by

  It was a beautiful, bright Saturday morning in October when I rode Torri’s brand-spanking-new, used bike to the parking lot of the old National Geographic Building, across the main road and the lake from my home. She followed me in her car. I laid out a few miniature orange cones, which Torri had purchased […]

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Go Cruise Throttle Control Review

Apr 02, 2012 View Comments by

Those of us who don’t enjoy the comfort and convenience of BMW’s electronic speed control often use a throttle lock, to help relieve the strain and constant pressure needed to hold the throttle open.  Two popular throttle locks are the Throttle Meister and Kaoko, both of which work well, but are fairly expensive ($120-$130 range), […]

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