A Motorcyclist’s Guide to the Galaxy: Dealing with Murphy, Part 1

Nov 13, 2017 View Comments by

It was a warm spring day when Mr. Roland Howard Goff, of southern Georgia, started up his Honda VTX 1300. He couldn’t have imagined the chain of events that would result in him spending the next eight days lying trapped in a ditch under the heavy bike, fighting for his life with one leg crushed, […]

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Free SPOT Trace with Rebate

Dec 10, 2015 View Comments by

Many of us are familiar with SPOT. Their Messenger device offers great peace of mind when traveling, especially when alone or in remote areas. Similar to the Messenger, the Trace device is mainly used to track movement, without all the buttons for predefined messages. It works great as an anti-theft device. SPOT Trace automatically sends […]

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Spot Re-launches Social Media Platform

Mar 01, 2013 View Comments by

Spot’s lineup of satellite communicators and emergency locators have long been a staple of two-wheeled adventurers as they journey into the wild. We’ve got two of them here at RoadRUNNER. The latest iteration of the device, the Spot Connect, pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth to turn your phone into a satellite communicator. Though you […]

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