Schuberth Joins KTM to Provide Co-Branded Gear

Oct 10, 2015 View Comments by

The C3 Pro Joins the Powerwear Line – The North American arms of Austria-based KTM and Germany-based Schuberth have partnered together to add Schuberth’s spectacular C3 Pro helmet to the Austrian company’s Powerwear clothing and gear line. The C3 Pro is one of the quietest, most comfortable, and highest quality modular helmets we’ve ever tested […]

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Schuberth Demo Ride Program

Jul 23, 2014 View Comments by

Like motorcycles themselves, helmets can be an expensive investment, especially high-end ones. Few riders would purchase a new motorcycle without at least taking it for a short ride first. Schuberth North America has realized this fact and decided to offer a test ride program for their helmets. Peter Meade, Schuberth North America’s National Sales Manager, […]

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Alaska Women’s Ride with MotoQuest

May 06, 2014 View Comments by

Riding Alaska is on the bucket lists of riders all over the world. The wildlife, scenery, and adventure found in America’s last frontier are certainly second to none. Though they have bikes for rent at various locations along the west coast and offer tours around the world, MotoQuest got their start in Alaska. Building on […]

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Schuberth Adds Stealth SR1 Model

Mar 19, 2014 View Comments by

Schuberth’s racing and sport riding helmet, the SR1, gets a new matte black color range known as “stealth.” The range will include Stealth Blue, Stealth Orange, and Stealth Red colors. Though in each case the majority of the helmet remains matte black, Schuberth is still keeping safety and visibility a top priority. Reflective branding and […]

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Schuberth $150 Trade Up Offer

Nov 21, 2013 View Comments by

Good news ladies! If you’ve got an old, out of date, or otherwise replaceable helmet, Schuberth will give you $150 towards a new C3W when you trade it in. The C3W is a modular helmet that was designed from the outset specifically to fit the shape of a woman’s head and face. The $150 trade […]

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Schuberth C3 Pro Modular Helmet, Pinlock Lens, & SRC System

Sep 20, 2013 View Comments by

The new Schuberth C3 Pro model represents the latest step in the company’s march along the path of continuous enhancements to their line of motorcycle headgear. The C3 Pro comes in two outer shell sizes to help achieve an aerodynamically optimal shape, a greater degree of rider protection, high-speed stability, and low weight. The inner […]

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Schuberth S2 Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

Apr 10, 2013 View Comments by

Schuberth is a German-based company that has been designing and producing high-quality head protection systems for more than 70 years. Recently, the company has been aggressively pursuing a larger share of the U.S. market. The S2 model is Schuberth’s latest full-face, non-flip-up offering. Although S2 pricing is at the high end for motorcycle helmets sold […]

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German Motorcyclists Vote Schuberth Best Helmet Manufacturer … Again

Apr 05, 2013 View Comments by

For the eighth year in a row, readers of Germany’s Motorrad Magazine have voted Schuberth their favorite helmet brand. The magazine, Germany’s largest, holds an annual “Motorcycle of the Year” contest in which readers vote for their favorite brands in a variety of categories. Over 30,000 German motorcyclists participated in this year’s survey. BMW made […]

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