Iconic Road: Route 66 – West

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America’s Main Street – Today, when people think about Route 66, they see visions of dramatic expanses of southwestern desert and the adventure of exploring the wide-open country. At its peak, the stretch of 66 through New Mexico, Arizona, and California was a bustling highway as Americans moved west to seek their fortunes. Then in […]

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Iconic Road: Route 66 – East

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America’s Main Street- More than any other stretch of pavement, Route 66 imprinted the open road into the American psyche and helped shape the cultural fabric of the nation as the automobile came of age. The historic route can trace its origins back to 1857 when the Army Corps of Engineers began work on a […]

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Revitalizing Route 66

Jan 04, 2013 View Comments by

Originally running from Chicago, IL to Los Angeles, CA, Route 66 is perhaps the most famous road in America. However, since its removal from the national highway system in 1985 in favor of the new interstates, Route 66 has struggled to recapture its former glory. Today, though it’s impossible to follow the iconic highways original […]

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Retracing the Lewis & Clark Trail Across America—Day 1

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Our day started at 5:00 a.m. with a trip to Dulles Airport, just outside of Washington, DC, for our flight to St. Louis. What took Lewis and Clark the better part of a year to travel to the trading outpost of St. Louis and prepare for their two-year long expedition only required us a few […]

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