Road Rash: The Thangs Yew Larn

Dec 31, 2015 View Comments by

While working on a construction site years ago, one guy in particular had a habit of muttering the phrase “The Thangs Yew Larn” in typical Appalachian hill country drawl every time someone had a minor accident such as shooting a spike through their hand with a nail gun. In any case, the words somehow stuck […]

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Road Rash: Expanding Gear

Dec 11, 2015 View Comments by

Over the years, I’ve noticed a pattern of occurrences that seem to defy the laws of physics. Several of these situations happen so consistently that I’m convinced they’re an absolute truth. The general rules regarding probability simply don’t apply to my motorcycling-related activities, and the following is a partial list of the most perplexing circumstances. […]

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Road Rash: Waste Not, Want Not

Nov 03, 2015 View Comments by

Who Needs a Clean Garage? – Like most people, I periodically take inventory of my possessions and do a house cleaning of sorts, usually while in the throes of the winter doldrums. Things that have gone unnoticed for months suddenly grab me by the lapels and scream, “Do something about this!” The sagging garage shelves, […]

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Road Rash: I Wanna Be a Weatherman

Oct 13, 2015 View Comments by

The Rain on My Parade – Becoming a member of the RoadRUNNER team was a memorable experience for obvious reasons, and a reoccurring thought formed as I began to anticipate touring for the magazine. I soon realized I was expecting a future of rain-free tours, a belief no doubt fostered by the endless photos of […]

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Road Rash: GPS’d OFF

Sep 29, 2015 View Comments by

When Technology Gets Under Your Skin – “Recalculating! Recalculating!” The synthesized female voice of my new GPS begins chanting this familiar mantra 
the instant I turn into the parking lot. “Pop a Valium, Erma—I’m 50 feet off the route to pump gas and process my last cup of coffee, so deal with it,” I mutter, […]

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RoadRUNNER Behind the Scenes: Road Rash

Feb 17, 2015 View Comments by

RoadRUNNER Magazine is chock full of unique and engaging content all about motorcycle touring and travel. This includes a variety of interesting editorials covering a wide range of relevant topics—one of these, Road Rash, takes a humorous look at the issues all touring riders face. In explaining his inspiration, author Steve Mauk says, “With over […]

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