Cager Ragers: Hidden Dangers of the Road [With Video]

Mar 25, 2019 View Comments by

It’s probably not too big of a stretch to assume most of us have had a moment or two on the road where anger makes us want to go Redrum like Jack Nicholson’s character in Stephen King’s The Shining. Perhaps some of us have given into that anger on occasion. Not me, of course. I’m […]

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Touring Tip: Avoid Becoming a Road Rage Victim

Nov 06, 2015 View Comments by

Stay Safe Out There – By now most of you likely have seen on social media or in news reports the road rage incident in Texas where a driver, apparently intentionally, swerves into a motorcycle passing him on a double yellow centerline. The passenger on the motorcycle received serious injuries and the driver of the […]

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Back Road Rage

Oct 05, 2013 View Comments by

I spent several hours last Saturday exploring some fantastic southern Ohio dirt roads, some of which were little more than well-groomed trails. I only saw two cars the entire time, one coming towards me and one that I came up on from behind. Conditions were very dry, and the dust stirred up by the vehicles […]

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Touring Tip: Keep Your Emotions In Check

Aug 07, 2013 View Comments by

When the flight recording of harrowing close calls in the air are replayed on television, I’m always impressed by the calm demeanor and speech pattern of the airline pilots and air traffic controllers. My fanciful imagination constructed this illustrative example: Tower: “Cessna 101 you are on a direct collision course with Delta Heavy 827.” Cessna […]

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Forgive and Forget

Oct 21, 2012 View Comments by

Yesterday I had a near incident on my evening commute with a distracted driver. Having been a commuter for the past ten years or so I’ve developed a knack for trusting my instincts and knowing when I’m about to be cutoff and in this case my instincts served me well. What surprised me this time […]

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The Road Often Traveled: Rage Against The Machines

Apr 08, 2012 View Comments by

“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” – Siddharta The quote applies directly to motorcycle riding. Last Thursday was a beautiful day for late March here in southeastern Pennsylvania. I had an appointment with my optometrist […]

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