MotoMojo – Motorcycle Cooling Conundrum

May 20, 2015 View Comments by

Solving Your Overheating Problems – Hot weather really taxes a motorcycle’s cooling system. Problems that weren’t apparent in cooler weather will quickly show up. Running hot can manifest itself in different ways. Overheating may cause engine “pinging” and detonation (also known as spark knock) when it’s under load, even if you’re using premium fuel. This […]

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Evans Waterless Coolant

May 05, 2013 View Comments by

“Waterless coolant? I knew it! Lamishaw has gone completely mental, totally around the bend, bonkers, off his bean. What are you supposed to put in the radiator, sand?” Calm down, relax, take a breath… it’s not as crazy as it sounds. Evans waterless coolant is a liquid, but without any water. Why would you want […]

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