Review: Sena Prism Bluetooth Action Camera Motorcycle Pack

Jul 02, 2015 View Comments by

Can a Bluetooth Company’s POV Camera Stand Up to the Competition? – Just a few years ago, the only thing one had to relive a past ride was his or her memory, and perhaps a few photos. Today, however, Point of View (POV) video cameras have proliferated to the point that a lot of riders see […]

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Contour ROAM Video Samples

Aug 14, 2012 View Comments by

I recently took the Contour ROAM to the beautiful American desert Southwest and Rocky Mountains. I like the easy mounting and the simple controls. Starting a video is as easy as sliding the record switch. In good light and with solid support the picture quality is quite nice. Here are some samples from the Lake […]

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In the Digital Rider Lab: POV Cameras

May 08, 2012 View Comments by

We are currently testing out a pair of POV cameras – the Contour ROAM and DriftHD. Both are small, able to mount on a helmet or on the bike, are waterproof, and shoot HD 1080p video. We’ll be putting them through their paces this summer, taking them on stories and other adventures. In the meantime, we’d like […]

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