Riding Loaded (Your Bike, Not You!)

Sep 07, 2015 View Comments by

Load it Up Right! – One of my favorite television shows as a child (and I realize this hints at my age) was The Beverly Hillbillies. The opening shot was of the Clampett clan driving down a palm-lined boulevard in Beverly Hills; an ancient flatbed truck piled high with possessions dangling from every spare inch […]

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Packin’ the Mule

Apr 15, 2015 View Comments by

One of the biggest challenges facing motorcycle campers is simply finding enough room on the bike for all of the gear they wish to take. This problem is even more pronounced when camping two-up. Close to twice the gear crammed into less space can spell trouble if one is not careful. My wife always wins […]

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Touring Tip: What To Take?

Dec 05, 2014 View Comments by

Deciding what to take on a multiday motorcycle trip can be as important as deciding where to go. Taking too little or the wrong items can pose certain risks and taking too much can make the daily loading and unloading a hassle. Less seasoned moto-tourists typically take too much, possibly because they have not yet […]

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Review: SHAD SH50 Topcase

May 19, 2014 View Comments by

A topcase can be a wonderful, practical addition to a motorcycle, though they come with a few inherent drawbacks. The first of these is aesthetics. Even the best looking topcases generally only detract from the overall style of your machine. The second is in performance. With their mounting point high off the ground and to […]

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Two Riders and Reclining Figure

Oct 03, 2013 View Comments by

This morning I have awoken in a slightly better mood. I am still disappointed about my hat. I lost it outside, not in my room, but I am still reminded of my own advice regarding room prep to avoid losing things. After a long day of riding, I tend to approach motel room entry with […]

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Touring Tip: Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst

Apr 09, 2013 View Comments by

This month’s touring tip reminds even experienced riders that it’s always good practice to follow the Boy Scouts’ motto and “Be Prepared.” Because of the limited carrying capacity of most motorcycles, critical items are often left behind; I know, because I’ve done it myself. There, also, seems to be something hard coded into our DNA, […]

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Touring Tip: Planned vs. Unplanned Routes and Destinations

Mar 08, 2013 View Comments by

How do you like your multi-day motorcycle travel adventures, planned in the greatest detail, or completely ad hoc, wake up and go wherever the spirit moves you? This is a topic on which virtually every touring rider has a preference. So let’s explore the benefits of each approach. Planned: In our hectic everyday lives, taking […]

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Little Things

Feb 17, 2013 View Comments by

A decade of daily commuting has taught me many lessons, not the least of which is to be prepared for anything and to pack accordingly. Bringing clothing for any and all types of weather conditions is important, especially at certain times of the year when weather can fluctuate over a 10-hour period. Tools are (of […]

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Touring Tip: Traveling Light

Jul 06, 2012 View Comments by

Touring motorcyclists can learn a lot from the traveling light strategies employed by backpackers. When a hiker has to carry everything he or she will need for several days, every ounce of gear and clothing carried becomes important. Because necessity is often the mother of invention, backpackers take only what they absolutely will need and […]

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