Ride the Divide – Day 10: Goodbye Colorado, Hello New Mexico!

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After a day of rest, Dave and I were both ready to get back on the road. After a bit of confusion, we picked up our route out of Salida and in no time we left the city and civilization behind. We passed a few long abandon homesteads and the remains of what I assume […]

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Ride the Divide – Day 9: We Need New Shoes

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Today we chose to stay in the Salida area in order to explore a little as well as tend to some needed maintenance on the bikes. I had been in Salida a few years back while touring with my wife and became fond of it almost instantly, so being able to linger on here is […]

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Ride the Divide – Day 8: The Long, Damp Road to Salida

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Moving on from Kremmling to Salida our route took us high above the resort town of Breckenridge by way of Boreas pass. Dark clouds loomed overhead for most of the day but, aside from a short shower about midday, we managed to avoid any real rain. South of the Boreas pass, the route involved a […]

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Ride the Divide – Day 7: Aspen Alley, The Rocky Road, and We’re in Deep Water Now

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Our route out of Rawlins took us thru Aspen Alley just north of the Colorado border. This peaceful place where Aspen trees line each side of the road caused us to pause and take in the view.  Each state we have traversed has had its own unique look. Most of the time the changes come […]

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Enduro Africa: Part 3

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Day 6, Wednesday: Rest Day and Touch Africa Project This was a most interesting day in that we got to interact with the community through the local school. We rode or drove to the school about 20 kilometers away. It was located on a small plateau overlooking the surrounding countryside and serviced all the various […]

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Ride the Divide – Day 6: Where the Cows and the Antelope Play or, Say Hello to My Little Friend

Aug 01, 2013 View Comments by

A 200-mile trek across Wyoming’s high desert may not be for everyone, but it had me excited as we headed out this morning. Along the way we enjoyed some of the best dirt roads thus far and held on while bouncing down some of the worst. In spite of the severe abuse our bikes (and […]

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Day 4 – Ghosts, Gas, and Cows

Jul 30, 2013 View Comments by

Today’s route out of Butte included a good mix of dirt, gravel, and pavement connectors. Sublime asphalt loaded with sweepers and switchbacks took us through the forest before connecting with what I think is called the Old Bannack Hwy. Old Bannack, a fantastically smooth dirt road, goes deep into Montana cattle country. Vast, wide-open spaces […]

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Ride the Divide Day 3 – Rough Sailing

Jul 29, 2013 View Comments by

We arrived this evening in Butte, but it wasn’t easy. Today’s route included some difficult roads. Steep rocky downhills that required a good mix of brake, clutch, and engine braking. Of course in order to go downhill we first had to go up. The rocky, rutted uphills took their toll. Dave had a spill on […]

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Continental Divide Adventure: Day 1

Jul 27, 2013 View Comments by

Follow photojournalist Brian Shaney (on a 2006 Suzuki DRZ400) and riding partner Dave (on a 2013 Honda XR650), as they set off on their Continental Divide tour that will take them all the way from Canada to Mexico on approximately 2,700 miles of mostly gravel and dirt roads for 12-14 days. And so the adventure […]

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The Roads Less (not) Traveled

Jun 11, 2013 View Comments by

Anyone following my blogs knows by now that I’ll take a good dirt road over tarmac any time, and I feel that we’ve got some of the best right here in southern Ohio. A lesser known fact is that a fair number of the “roads” still shown on county maps exist in a completely unmaintained […]

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Best Way to Not Pick Your Bike Off the Ground

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So you are ready to take your street riding off-road. You have purchased a dual sport motorcycle, or convinced a foolish or wealthy friend to lend you one. Only one problem, you’ve never ridden off-road before . . . Sometimes one of the first challenges for those just starting out is just keeping the bike […]

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Making the Leap from On-to-Off-Road

Dec 27, 2012 View Comments by

So you’ve got the bug. You’ve seen the photos in RoadRUNNER. You are officially ready to discover your own long way around (or down). Only one problem, you don’t have any experience riding off-road. Perhaps two problems, you don’t have an off-road or dual sport bike. If you had the chance to see the now […]

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Not All Horses Were Meant For the Trail

Dec 20, 2012 View Comments by

You pull your pristine (Iron) Horse up to a road clearly designed more for mules than the chromed out, low pipe-hanging, highway tire wearing outfit that you now sit upon. Is it worth trying to go up just a little bit of the trail? Do you turn around and miss out on the unknown? Do […]

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What the…?

Nov 06, 2012 View Comments by

My wife Sharon and I recently returned from several days of riding in the North Carolina and Georgia mountains with our friends Pete Tamblyn and Jackie Hogue. Pete is one of the few other riders who seek out scenic dirt roads to explore on his bike, which coincidentally happens to be a Suzuki 650 V […]

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Back Country Discovery Routes

Oct 30, 2012 View Comments by

Wanting to preserve the ability to cross large parts of the country off-road, Paul Guillien and Tom Myers of Touratech USA along with Rob Watt, Bryce Stevens, Justin Bradshaw, and Sterling Noren have created a non-profit organization called Back Country Discovery Routes. The 501c(4) organization aims to forge off-road trails across entire states using public […]

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