Review: Nolan N91 Modular Helmet

Jul 20, 2014 View Comments by

I’m a big fan of modular helmets. The ability to flip up the whole face is perfect for taking a quick photo, having a conversation, or any number of other instances when it’s nice to not have to take the whole helmet off—and yet you still have the protection of a full face. Over the […]

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News and Products from the AIMExpo in Orlando

Oct 18, 2013 View Comments by

Erik Buell Racing Unveils 1190RX  There was plenty of excitement around the Erik Buell Racing booth as a motorcycle shrouded in black cloth descended from the ceiling to alight on the carpet amidst members of the motorcycle media, dealer representatives, and curious bystanders. Once the cover was lifted, a bright red superbike, very similar to […]

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Nolan N104 Helmet and 
B4 Communication System

Dec 12, 2012 View Comments by

Life is full of compromises, and so is motorcycling. Fortunately, not all of those concessions have to be unpleasant. By design, modular helmets are a balance between the protection of a full-face and the openness of a three-quarter, usually offering neither the same level of protection as the former nor the openness of the latter. […]

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Nolan 103 N-Com Modular Helmet

Jun 03, 2012 View Comments by

The Nolan N103 N-Com helmet has many useful features, including: a pivoting chin bar with an elliptical trajectory movement; an internal sunscreen mounted on the inside of the helmet; optically correct, multiposition, antiscratch Lexan face shield with UV protection; comfortable velour padding on the chin strap; antifog insert for the face shield; and removable, machine-washable […]

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