2015 Honda NM4: Welcome to the Future

Apr 03, 2014 View Comments by

Well, we don’t have hoverboards yet, but soon we’ll have another new Honda (a small consolation). One way or another Big Red seems intent on dragging the motorcycle world into the future (there may or may not be kicking and/or screaming involved). Enter the NM4 with its futuristic, Bat Mobile like lines, fuel-efficient engine, and […]

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2014 Honda CTX Models

Feb 14, 2013 View Comments by

With another week comes another new model from Big Red, or so it’s starting to seem. This weekend’s announcement of the new CTX product line at the International Motorcycle Show in Chicago marks the sixth (and technically seventh) all new motorcycle the company has rolled out this year. CTX stands for Comfort, Technology, and eXperience […]

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