Motorcycle Navigation: Designing Your Own Route

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The Motorcyclist’s Guide to the Galaxy – “… I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.” – Dwight D. Eisenhower In my last article (follow these links to Yuval’s previous articles: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3), I explained what GPX routes and tracks are and how to use them in the […]

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2013 RoadRUNNER Holiday Gift Guide

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3BR Powersports (408) 725-8010 You are on a long adventure tour, it’s pouring rain, and you HAVE to find fuel. No problem. Your GPS stayed plugged in to a 3BR Powersports TAPP USB power port when the weather turned ugly. No more having to unplug and rely on batteries in bad weather. TAPP’s 2.1A output […]

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Meeting Isaiah

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On the last day of the RoadRUNNER Touring Weekend in Maggie Valley, NC, Joe Trey (Adventure Hermit) and I toured the Wheels Through Time Museum taking photos and bumping into riders we had met over the weekend. Joe was headed off to ride the Trans-America Trail. I was jealous since I was staring at 700 […]

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Meet the Team – Manuel Neuhauser, Technology Consultant

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In 1999, I moved to Winston-Salem, NC, from Austria with my family. Of course this was a big change at first: new language, different food, interesting customs, and different way of life. Never would I have guessed what my new home would have in store for me and what endless possibilities lay ahead.

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A Heavy Monday

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Monday mornings always rank low on the spectrum of life. Unfortunately, this past workweek began with a heavy slap of tragedy. I found out that we lost a fellow motorcyclist. I didn’t know Danny; he was a friend of a friend. I’d seen him around and we often exchanged “How’s it goings”. I wasn’t even […]

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