Product Review: The Art of Riding Smooth

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Among some motorcyclists, there’s an old joke that beginner motorcycle training courses teach new riders how to ride safely … in a parking lot. The skills necessary for safe street riding, with other vehicles around, are usually acquired over time through on-road experience. But riding in mountainous terrain is more challenging than just going to […]

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Product Review: Asphalt & Dirt: Life on Two Wheels

Sep 04, 2017 View Comments by

Fifty bikers, 50 stories. In 2014, writer Aaron Heinrich launched the website Asphalt & Dirt with the intent of changing the public’s perception about the stereotypical “biker.” Using the site as a storytelling vehicle, he published 50 stories about people with a passion for riding. Now those stories are available in one book, Asphalt & […]

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Review: Finding Cannon Ball’s Trail by Don Emde

Apr 17, 2017 View Comments by

Erwin G. “Cannon Ball” Baker was a “different breed of cat,” writes Don Emde in his book Finding Cannon Ball’s Trail. Baker was a legendary motorcycle and automotive enthusiast who spent most of his life shattering American coast-to-coast and other speed records. In 1914, he set a new transcontinental record on an Indian motorcycle, riding […]

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Ducati Releases ‘Stile Ducati,’ Collector’s Edition Book

Jan 04, 2017 View Comments by

Last year Ducati celebrated its 90th anniversary at World Ducati Week. Now, the Bologna-based company is marking the milestone with Stile Ducati, a collector’s edition book that illustrates the attention to style and design for which Ducati has always been known. Published by Milan-based Skira, the volume tells a story through images, tracing the evolution of […]

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