Shiny Side Up Motorcycle Book Review

Aug 18, 2020 View Comments by

Author Ron Davis has published a book compiling his best stories and reflections on his 50-year motorcycling odyssey. Shiny Side Up: Musings on the improbable inclination to travel on two wheels covers such diverse topics as the typical “First Motorcycle Purchase,” an attempt at a money-saving “Do It Yourself Oil Change,” and the “Worst Weather […]

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Waypoints, Volume I: Zen Motorcyclist: Inspiration For All Riders

Nov 30, 2019 View Comments by

In this collection of essays, motorcycle journalist Bud Miller touchingly and eloquently shares introspections and lessons learned during his more than 200,000 miles traveled on a motorcycle. Although his writings originated from the metaphorical waypoints visited along his riding journeys, riders and nonriders alike will find plenty to enjoy in these meditations on life, loss, […]

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