Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma: Riding the Cherokee Trail of Tears Part III

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We pick up the Cherokee removal journey in central Missouri: “We travelled about 12 miles to a settlement called Port Royal (believed to be Waynesville by researchers), on the banks of a beautiful stream, named Rubedoo. Here we had a delightful place, on the bank of the river, convenient to wood and water. We employed […]

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TN, KY, IL, and MO: Trail of Tears Pt 2

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“Left Brainerd for the Cherokee camps … Thus we leave this place, 
perhaps never to return.” —The Journal of Rev. Daniel S. Butrick, October 4, 1839 Reverend Butrick departed from Calhoun, TN, with the Richard Taylor Detachment on the overland Northern Route. My wingman, Bob Brown, and me, however, initially follow a paved approximation of […]

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Tour of the Week: South Central Missouri Alphabet Roads

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Each week RoadRUNNER Magazine is releasing a “Tour of the Week” from our extensive archives. The tour article, along with downloadable maps and GPS files, will be available for free, but only for a week! This week’s South Central Missouri Alphabet Roads tour comes from RoadRUNNER‘s Nov/Dec ’09 issue.

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City Escape: Kansas City, MO

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Easily negotiated, relaxing route that features interesting historical locations and rural byways across sprawling prairie lands. The best time to go is late June through October to avoid potentially severe thunderstorms in spring and especially cold riding conditions in other months. To download the free tankbag map and GPS file, look on the webpage side bar (on […]

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City Escape: St. Louis, Missouri

Jan 22, 2014 View Comments by

Riders will follow the Missouri River along its serpentine course from the outskirts of St. Louis to the Missouri State Capitol in Jefferson City. Pleasant views of farmland, charming villages, and numerous vineyards abound on this journey through the Missouri Rhineland.

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Revitalizing Route 66

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Originally running from Chicago, IL to Los Angeles, CA, Route 66 is perhaps the most famous road in America. However, since its removal from the national highway system in 1985 in favor of the new interstates, Route 66 has struggled to recapture its former glory. Today, though it’s impossible to follow the iconic highways original […]

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Retracing the Lewis & Clark Trail Across America – Day 5

Aug 06, 2012 View Comments by

When we arrived at our hotel in downtown Kansas City last night, something was missing: the oppressive heat and humidity. A revitalizing breeze was funneling cool dry air through the city’s skyscrapers. A few blocks from our hotel is the Kansas City Power and Light District. It’s several square blocks packed with trendy restaurants and […]

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Retracing the Lewis & Clark Trail Across America – Day 4

Aug 05, 2012 View Comments by

Today was a day of sights. Jim providing direct customer feedback to an errant gas station pump (yes, the pump itself).  Kayla saving us from a GPS induced roundabout purgatory. Fields of corn. Small towns, faded but with architectural charm. Some more fields of corn. Jim taking photos still clad in helmet and Camelback – […]

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