MotoMojo Motorcycle Malfunctions: What to Do When Your Bike Quits or Won’t Start

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Motorcycles have become very reliable, but occasionally problems still happen. If the engine stalls on the road, get to a safe place. If it’s losing oil pressure or overheating, stop immediately. Engines need compression, gas, and spark to run; you must determine which is lacking. Most stalls and no-starts are caused by minor problems like […]

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Motorcycle Defects Can Cause Serious Injuries

Jun 15, 2012 View Comments by

If you’re a biker, you understand the detailed work that many motorcycle manufacturers put into their products. Unfortunately, mistakes happen. Occasionally manufacturers produce defective motorcycle parts, or distributors or suppliers may damage them before they make it onto your motorcycle. These faulty motorcycle parts can lead to serious motorcycle accidents. So far in 2012, there […]

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