It’s Never too Late to Dream: Part 2

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Torri apparently had lived a very deprived childhood. As if life weren’t hard enough growing up in Philadelphia and becoming a Phillies and Eagles fan, her parents somehow never got around to teaching her how to ride a bicycle. So, our first task was to go out and buy her a suitable bike on which […]

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It’s Never too Late to Dream: Part 1

Oct 22, 2012 View Comments by

I turned 60 earlier this year and have been riding for over 13 years. I had wanted to ride since I was a teenager, but my parents wouldn’t let me. So instead, I used to secretly hitch rides to high school baseball practice on the back of my buddy’s Yamaha 125. Sheer exhilaration. But it […]

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Paying It Forward

Apr 18, 2012 View Comments by

When I was 25 I worked as a Land Surveyor. I started out in the field as an apprentice and eventually worked my way up to party chief; which meant I had client contact. I would show up to do the work and quite often the clients were home. I’d let them know what we’d […]

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