Unusual Destinations: The Dalton Gang’s Last Bank Robbery

Oct 22, 2020 View Comments by

Although Coffeyville, KS, was the hometown of famous Major League Baseball pitcher Walter Johnson, it is more famous for being where the Dalton Gang attempted a double bank robbery. On the quiet Wednesday morning of Oct. 5, 1892, the three disguised Dalton Brothers and other gang members rode into town intending to do what no […]

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City Escape: Kansas City, MO

Aug 10, 2014 View Comments by

Easily negotiated, relaxing route that features interesting historical locations and rural byways across sprawling prairie lands. The best time to go is late June through October to avoid potentially severe thunderstorms in spring and especially cold riding conditions in other months. To download the free tankbag map and GPS file, look on the webpage side bar (on […]

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Trans America Trail: Kansas Detour (I Don’t Think We’re in Oklahoma Anymore)

Jun 12, 2014 View Comments by

As I continue to pass through “No Man’s Land,” their wording not mine, the views become more and more desolate. Without a doubt the most prevalent street sign markers are for cemeteries. I have no idea why, but every few miles there is another one. You can’t see the graveyards from the road, and since […]

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