The Son of Kelud

Jul 30, 2012 View Comments by

The small town of Sarangan was busy, busy, busy! Loads of bikers were enjoying the mountain roads in this area but strangely we kept on being waved down and stopped… “Simon, Simon…Lisa!!  Take photo, yes?” Weird, they knew our names. Was there something in a local newspaper? We knew that the Indonesian TV guys we […]

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Near Misses and Near Perfection

Jul 21, 2012 View Comments by

Today the riding on the island of Java was not so much ‘joy riding’ as it was joy to still be alive!  I experienced one of my closest calls with a charging 4×4. I held my breath and waited for the slam as the truck slid over the white line into our lane. I made […]

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Joy Riding Through Java

Jul 10, 2012 View Comments by

Simon and I wandered into a small café area and received looks of interest. This probably had more to do with what we were wearing than our just having got off two very large bikes! We know that a few jokes were said at our expense, but the feeling was always one of good humor.  […]

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