Finding a Tire: Racing Unlimited

Sep 09, 2013 View Comments by

Coming back from my trip out west I met up with my roommate Grant Plaxton in Lewiston, ID. Only the Snake River separates the sprawling town from its sister town of Clarkson, WA. It took me an embarrassing amount of time to put two and two together, especially since I had been riding Highway 12 […]

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Retracing the Lewis & Clark Trail Across America – Day 7

Aug 08, 2012 View Comments by

We’ve been on the road now for a week and, already, the days, roads, sights, sounds, aromas, food, and countless people are merging into an unbroken procession that’s not defined or divided by individual days or hours. There’s no air-conditioned, through-the-windshield separation between us and our environment. We’re often hot and sweaty, but the sensory […]

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