TN, KY, IL, and MO: Trail of Tears Pt 2

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“Left Brainerd for the Cherokee camps … Thus we leave this place, 
perhaps never to return.” —The Journal of Rev. Daniel S. Butrick, October 4, 1839 Reverend Butrick departed from Calhoun, TN, with the Richard Taylor Detachment on the overland Northern Route. My wingman, Bob Brown, and me, however, initially follow a paved approximation of […]

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Trans America Trail: No Rest for the Wicked….but Plenty for Me

May 29, 2014 View Comments by

Soon, the beauty of the Illinois River gives way to what will be the rest of Oklahoma. The Oklahoma I expected after reviewing the maps; hard packed dirt roads that crisscross the highway back and forth extending the journey in an effort to stay off pavement. I oblige for a while before choosing to give […]

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The Gear Up, Ride Smart Program

Apr 06, 2014 View Comments by

As the summer riding season approaches it’s time to get excited about hitting the road again, but also a time to remember to always be safe. The Illinois Department of Transportation and the Illinois Motorcycle Dealers Association have teamed up to bring The Gear Up, Ride Smart program to their state. Illinois and Pennsylvania are […]

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