Group Riding: It’s Either Heaven or Hell

Apr 12, 2019 View Comments by

Riding in a group can be an exhilarating experience. It can also be about as fun as getting a root canal. It really just depends on the group you’re in as to which experience you’ll have. As they say, one bad apple can spoil the bunch. And you don’t want to be that apple, do […]

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Touring Tip: Group Riding

Aug 01, 2014 View Comments by

Riding in a group can be a great way to enjoy the camaraderie of traveling with other like-minded motorcyclists. Caravanning in a large, unbroken procession, however, poses special risks. Here are 10 suggestions for mitigating the risks of riding in larger groups: 1. Plan the Ride – Ride the Plan: A well-organized ride will include […]

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Too Fast for Fun: Where Competition Has No Place

Dec 03, 2013 View Comments by

If you participate in group motorcycle rides often enough, chances are you’ll eventually encounter the rider I’ll call “over-confident Carl.” Carl is sure that he is the best, most experienced, and handsomest rider in the group (the world?) and feels the need to prove that point with his riding style. He will either insist on […]

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Building Friendships on a Motorcycle

Aug 19, 2013 View Comments by

For the last nine days I have been riding with Joe Trey from where I met him in Fairplay, CO, to the end of the Trans American Trail in Port Orford, OR. Joe is my new friend, as I had never met him before this trip. One of the beautiful things about traveling with someone, […]

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On Leading

Jul 21, 2013 View Comments by

Leading a ride is a funny thing. I can’t speak for everyone who does it; I can only speak for myself. If a group of people agrees to follow you there’s a certain expectation that you will look out for them to the extent that you can. It can be difficult on unfamiliar roads, keeping […]

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All for One

Apr 14, 2013 View Comments by

There’s an African proverb I read recently that says, “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.” Spring has finally arrived in full force here in southeastern Pennsylvania and that means more and more riders are hitting the road for group rides, which, of course, is one […]

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Magic Along The Way

Mar 31, 2013 View Comments by

Last fall my buddy Stan led us on a group ride from Hellertown, PA, to Conowingo Dam in Maryland. The dam, which spans the lower Susquehanna River, was built in 1928 and at the time was the second largest hydroelectric project by power output in the United States (Niagara Falls was the largest). The original […]

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Little Things Mean A Lot

Nov 15, 2012 View Comments by

Sometimes it’s not the sum total of the experience that makes the memorable moments, but the seemingly insignificant bits and pieces taken out of the whole fabric of the event that are truly special. So it was with a trip that our group “The Lost Squadron” made this spring. The four of us, two on […]

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Group Riding: Protect Your Safety & Your Legal Rights

Aug 17, 2012 View Comments by

Group riding is part of a biker’s way of life. Whether you’re heading to a bike night, rally, or on a cross-country road trip with friends, you still need to keep safety a top priority. Not only will it help you avoid being injured in an accident, but it will also help protect your legal […]

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Pack Mentality

Aug 11, 2012 View Comments by

Packs, gangs, groups, or clubs are anything but a new idea. Since Ogg got together with Mog, Zoe, and Igg to hunt down a Saber Tooth Chipmunk there have been clubs, in their case a “hunting club.” Which on many levels is/was a good idea, in this case numbers were an advantage, even if the […]

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Birds of a Feather Ride Together

Mar 21, 2012 View Comments by

Taking a group ride is a lot like the traditional family vacation: a time for bonding, fun, discovery and togetherness – right up until you want to kill each other over who left the top off the pickle jar, and why your shorts smell like dill! I have ridden in every type of group, from […]

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