Staying Comfortable When the Road is Long

Dec 13, 2014 View Comments by

Car drivers must really wonder what’s going on. I’m sailing down the highway with my chin nearly resting on the bars with my shins on the pegs. I’m just taking a quick stretch, but for the brief moment I’m in their vicinity, my fellow road-goers must think me rather odd. Sure it looks strange, but […]

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Seeing It vs. SEEING IT: How Do You Tour?

Feb 01, 2014 View Comments by

It’s interesting how widely varied the preferred daily mileage of touring motorcyclists can be. Some folks don’t consider it a day unless they’ve rolled over five or six hundred miles of tarmac, while others are perfectly content to cover a hundred miles as long as it’s engaging. I strongly favor the latter train of thought […]

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Interview with Voni Glaves: Her Million Miles of Smiles

Jan 24, 2014 View Comments by

RR: What first interested you in riding motorcycles? VG: Actually it wasn’t my idea. I didn’t know a single woman who rode, so the idea didn’t even occur to me. I loved riding behind my husband, Paul, so much that he suggested I give it a try. I surely didn’t think that would be a […]

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