Book Review – Hodaka: The Complete Story of America’s Favorite Trail Bike by Ken Smith

Nov 30, 2014 View Comments by

From 1964 to 1978, Hodaka was a collaboration of a Japanese manufacturer and an American distributor. Though it only lasted 14 years, the company produced nearly 150,000 bikes. These trail bikes were built in Japan but were distributed by the Pacific Basin Trading Company (PABATCO) based in Athena, OR. Hodaka quickly acquired a strong following […]

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Sand, Sun, and Speed at Cornerspin

Jul 20, 2013 View Comments by

Grit crunches between my clenched teeth as I stay on the throttle deep into a corner, common sense and my survival instincts screaming in protest. After a good handful of brake, I’m back hard on the gas headed for my next trial-by-curve. The results are a solid mixture of the good, the bad, and the […]

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Welcome Home Mister MR

Mar 03, 2012 View Comments by

A while back, my stepfather Bill Miles, decided that his 1976 Honda MR 250 Elsinore needed a new home. He knew that my propensity to take in wayward bikes and nearly steadfast refusal to get rid of anything would keep his baby “in the family”. The following weekend, I returned to North Carolina with a […]

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