Costa Rica: Call of the Wild

Aug 03, 2017 View Comments by

Arriving in Costa Rica a day 
early, Kris and I decide to take a walking tour of San José, the 
small country’s bustling capital. A first, chance encounter with the legendary Pan-American Highway stops us in our tracks. Standing curbside at the busy roadway with no crosswalks or signals, navigating by foot doesn’t seem wise […]

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Just What the Doctor Ordered!

May 08, 2013 View Comments by

As I close out my three-week vacation down here in Costa Rica, I feel recharged and ready to take on life again back home. Getting through the Michigan winter was harder than normal for me this year. The main problem was getting my leg and ankle back in shape after a complex surgery in September. […]

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Pura Vida, Costa Rica

Apr 29, 2013 View Comments by

It is 3:54 am right now and I am typing this from Montezuma, Costa Rica in my $15 dorm room. One of my dorm mates from Montana just stumbled in from the bar. As he flops into the bunk over my head I realize it’s close enough to wake up time anyway. I need to […]

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Wild Rider

Apr 22, 2013 View Comments by

Last week I was talking about just going for it, and my itch, need, or whatever you want to call it, to go on a trip. I worked all winter and before that I was letting my leg heal up from a bad break (eight pins and one plate). Anyway, I have been planning for […]

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