Summer Motorcycle Gear Buyers’ Guide: For the Retro Woman

May 10, 2015 View Comments by

The Best Vintage Style for the Woman Rider – It’s a great time to be a rider. Never before in the history of motorcycles have there been so many options when it comes to both motorcycles and riding gear. There’s a bike for every riding style, preference, and price—whichever mount you choose, there’s plenty of […]

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Norton Returns to U.S. Market

Nov 19, 2013 View Comments by

It’s been 30 years since the New World has seen a brand-new Norton motorcycle, but the long wait is over. Norton Commando Sport, Commando Sport Café Racer, and Commando Sport Factory models are now arriving at U.S. dealerships in small numbers (only 10-20 at a time). The reason for these small shipments is that each […]

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Montana Jacket from British Motorcycle Gear

Sep 04, 2013 View Comments by

The BMG Montana is a classic-looking, vintage-styled jacket. The leather is a rugged 1.4mm grade A cowhide, but it is also quite supple. It’s the type of leather that one might expect to find on a nicely finished dress jacket. It wears, smells, and feels like a quality leather garment should. Once worn the leather […]

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Riding “The Beast”

Aug 08, 2013 View Comments by

“We just want to be free to drink espresso, ride our machines, and not be hassled by the Man.” ~ motto of the Time Warp Tea Room File this under, “Are you kidding me?” As I mentioned in my last post I delayed heading out on the TAT by a day due to an invitation. […]

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