Life Lessons and Inspiration For Motorcyclists

Aug 28, 2019 View Comments by

In this 48-page collection of essays, Waypoints, Volume I: Zen Motorcyclist, motojournalist Bud Miller touchingly and eloquently shares introspections and lessons learned during his more than 200,000 miles traveled on a motorcycle. Although his writings originated from the metaphorical waypoints visited along his riding journeys, riders and nonriders alike will find plenty to enjoy in these […]

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There and Back Again

Nov 22, 2012 View Comments by

The title for this post just came to me one day last week while I was writing in a coffee shop. I realized only later that it was part of the original title to The Hobbit, one of my favorite books. It’s hard to believe that Tolkien published it as long ago as 1937. Another favorite, […]

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Building the Ultimate Adventure Motorcycle

May 15, 2011 View Comments by

I wish I’d had this book before I set out for Panama on my KLR™650! This well-illustrated and practical tome is the third in a Haynes adventure motorcycling series, written or co-authored by Robert Wicks. It provides extensive coverage on selecting and preparing an adventure motorcycle for an epic ride. In eight chapters the book […]

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