Combining Riding With Hobbies: Kayaking

Jun 27, 2015 View Comments by

Motorcycle-sized Fun – As wonderful as motorcycling is, there are plenty of other enjoyable ways riders like to spend their free time. Some like golf, others hiking, fishing, kayaking, or other outdoor activities. Some dabble in photography, art, writing, or different creative endeavors. Due to limited storage capacity, it can be daunting to incorporate other […]

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New Ferry to Transport Riders from Maine to Nova Scotia

Mar 21, 2014 View Comments by

Starting in May 2014, the Nova Star, a 528-foot ferry, will begin carrying people and vehicles from Portland, ME to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. A one-way ticket for a motorcycle will cost between $49 and $89 and its rider will get on board for $79 to $129 depending on the time of year. The nine-hour voyage […]

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Laundry Day

Jul 08, 2013 View Comments by

I haven’t been posting the last few weeks because I am in Egegik, AK (google it) trying to catch my share of salmon for the year. This is the job that floats me through the rest of the year allowing me to ride so much. This season has been really strange, as always, so today […]

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