Backcountry Discovery Routes Membership Program

Dec 07, 2014 View Comments by

If you’ve been reading RoadRUNNER Magazine for a while you’re probably familiar with the Backcountry Discovery Routes non-profit organization. BDR’s goal is to scout out off road paths that traverse entire states and to ensure that these routes are preserved for the use of adventure enthusiasts for years to come. To date RoadRUNNER Magazine has […]

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Want to Beat the Heat? Run to the Hills

Jul 26, 2014 View Comments by

Summer throughout North America means riding season is in full swing. Here in the Phoenix area, triple digit temperatures have a lot riders parking their bikes until fall and cooler days return. However, it hasn’t taken me long to figure out a good way to beat the heat. Something many locals know well. Answer: head […]

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An Old Fart and Young Punk Ride the COBDR: Part Two

May 20, 2014 View Comments by

This is part two of John Privette’s story, you can read part one here. Day 5: The nice leisurely breakfast at Jan’s Family Restaurant had us all primed to hit the trail. However, while packing my bike, I realized the Blue Beast had a broken left windshield bracket. It must have been damaged during the […]

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An Old Fart and Young Punk Ride the COBDR: Part One

May 13, 2014 View Comments by

Smart motorcyclists stay safe by using good judgment. David, my adventure seeking, 18-year-old Austrian foreign exchange student asked where I got my good judgment. I answered: “From experience of course.”  “Where’d you get the experience?” My answer: “Bad judgment.” The battle between my good judgment and his wanderlust constantly surfaced on our nine-day ride through […]

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Inaugural Wickenburg Desert Ride to Benefit BDR

Dec 16, 2013 View Comments by

If you’ve been reading RoadRUNNER for a while chances are you’re already somewhat familiar with the Back Country Discovery Routes project. If you’re not, the BDR is a non-profit organization working to create and protect off-road routes for dual sport and adventure riding. Their modus operandi is to scout out state crossing off-road rides and […]

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