Motorcycle Awareness Month

May 05, 2015 View Comments by

AMA Promotes Rider Safety – The American Motorcyclist Association has dubbed May to be Motorcycle Awareness Month. Throughout the month the AMA is seeking to raise awareness for the prevention of distracted driving and the promotion of training for both riders and drivers. The AMA’s president and CEO, Rob Dingman, says, “The warmer weather in […]

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23rd Annual Ride to Work Day

Jun 09, 2014 View Comments by

For the last 23 years the third Monday in June has held a special significance for motorcyclists. It’s the day when, whether you normally commute on your bike or scooter or not, you take your ride to work. The goal is to raise awareness among the non-motorcycling community about the advantages of two-wheeled travel as […]

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Twin Valley Rider’s Motorcycle Awareness Project

Jul 03, 2013 View Comments by

Editor’s Note: Here’s a great story about how one local motorcycle rally was able to give back to their community and to motorcycling as a whole. “Look twice—save a life” has become the catchphrase of motorcycle safety advocates for good reason. Roughly 60-percent of motorcycle fatalities in the U.S. are due to collisions and a […]

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