The Social Rider: Collaborative Applications

Sep 06, 2019 View Comments by

In previous articles I described the rise of the Internet of Motorcycles era, in which different types of existing and upcoming communication technologies enable motorcycles and riders to share and collaborate on any type of information. What kind of possible applications could emerge? In this article a few futuristic yet realistic scenarios will be examined. […]

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RadarNow! Answers the Eternal Question, “Should I Put on the Rain Gear?”

Jul 09, 2014 View Comments by

While I like the visual drama of an approaching summer thunderstorm as much as the next guy, I hate getting caught up in one. Even worse than that is the thirty miles of, “Should I put the rain gear on or shouldn’t I?” which is often followed by, “Oh my heavens it’s like a sauna in […]

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Field Tested – Apple iPad 2

Apr 16, 2012 View Comments by

I recently took my Apple iPad 2 on its first roadtrip into the Pennsylvania Wilds, replacing the HP netbook that I had used for emails, web surfing, trip notes, GPS map holder, and picture holder. How’d it do? Email Getter: B The built in email app is very nice and works with most common email […]

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