Reader Ride: Namibia, Africa

May 16, 2017 View Comments by

There comes a time in every man’s life when you realize you are never going to meet certain goals you set for yourself. Call it the proverbial “midlife crisis” or just a healthy dose of reality brought on by too many years treading water in the flotsam and jetsam of life. Mine came as I […]

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Left Side Story

Oct 25, 2016 View Comments by

It happened to me; it can happen to you. Pulling out of a gas station in Tasmania, Australia, onto the A2 road skirting the island’s north coast with no other traffic in sight, I accelerate briskly, shifting the 900 Diversion into fifth gear. We settle into a comfortable cruising speed and I’m thinking about the […]

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Interview with Eliza Massey: Solo Through the World

Aug 12, 2014 View Comments by

Eliza Massey set out to travel the world on her BMW G 650 GS on October 11, 2012. Her mission was to spread awareness and raise funds for African aid, and Women for Women, while seeing and interacting with people all over the planet. Since her departure, she has journeyed from her hometown of Hope, […]

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Lake Turkana

Oct 28, 2013 View Comments by

As Nick and I crest hill after hill, we wonder how much further we should go for the day. It’s getting late, but we’re really hoping to get to the lake to camp. We have been driving through desert for the last three days, so camping next to some water would be a treat. Finally, […]

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Book Review: Red Tape and White Knuckles

Aug 23, 2013 View Comments by

These days motorcycle adventure logs are starting to become a dime a dozen. At one time circumnavigating the globe, or even crossing a continent, on a motorcycle was akin to summiting Mt. Everest. Now, much like Everest, the adventure has been at least somewhat commercialized (though it’s by no means easy). That’s why Lois Pryce’s […]

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Enduro Africa: Part 4

Aug 09, 2013 View Comments by

Day 10, Sunday: Mbotyi to Port Edward, Last Riding Day This was the last day of riding and it was supposed to be a light day with some demonstrations by the team leaders and the odd technical section thrown in to keep us honest. Unfortunately it was raining, again! What would normally have been easy […]

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Enduro Africa: Part 3

Aug 02, 2013 View Comments by

Day 6, Wednesday: Rest Day and Touch Africa Project This was a most interesting day in that we got to interact with the community through the local school. We rode or drove to the school about 20 kilometers away. It was located on a small plateau overlooking the surrounding countryside and serviced all the various […]

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Enduro Africa: Part 2

Jul 26, 2013 View Comments by

Day 4, Monday: Port Alfred to Morgan’s Bay We set off at our usual time (8 a.m.) and had the obligatory police escort to the city limits. It rained lightly, which helped with the dust problem but made it slippery enough that falling into the deep ruts was a concern. It was that day we had our first […]

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Enduro Africa: Part 1

Jul 19, 2013 View Comments by

Shortly after I sold my automobile dealership I was looking for a motorcycle trip to decompress from the stress of the past year. I came across a trip called Enduro Himalaya, which is a ride on the world’s highest “motor-able road.” It climbs to 17,000 feet, lasts about 10 days, and is arguably the most […]

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Robbed in Africa

Jun 03, 2013 View Comments by

This photo is a screen shot of a video interview I did just after I was robbed in Africa.  Here is an excerpt from my blog ( telling the story how I wrote it the day after the event. I drive to Djibouti watching my fuel light and doing math in my head. I see […]

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Motorcycling in Africa: Camels are Funny

May 20, 2013 View Comments by

Camels are funny. I didn’t know this until I was stuck behind a camel convoy in Djibouti, Africa and couldn’t stop laughing and smiling. Luckily, Nick and I had intercoms so we could laugh together as we passed truck after truck hauling camels. It’s like riding a Segway; it’s impossible not to smile while driving […]

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The Cross Egypt Scooter Challenge

May 18, 2013 View Comments by

Looking for something to do this November as, for must of us in the U.S. at least, the riding season is coming to a close? How about riding a scooter from one end of Egypt to the other? The Cross Egypt Challenge is an annual (since 2011 at least) scooter ride spanning 2400km from Alexandria […]

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Motorcycling in Africa: Kids

May 13, 2013 View Comments by

This morning I woke up already knowing which photo I would use for today’s blog. It is one of my favorites from our Africa trip, but there really aren’t 600 words of a story behind it. One morning in Ethiopia, Nick and I woke up to find kids outside our tent playing and spying on […]

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If You Put Your Mind to It…

Apr 15, 2013 View Comments by

Here I am sitting at home in Lansing, MI writing my weekly blog for RoadRUNNER Magazine. I should have just picked a photo an hour ago, but I can’t stop looking through the pictures on my hard drive. The memories from my Africa trip are flooding in faster than I can hit the next button […]

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Stuck in Africa

Mar 19, 2013 View Comments by

This is a picture of celebration. Five minutes ago we left the Yemen Embassy in Djibouti, Africa. We were told to come back in the afternoon to pick up our visas. We finally have a way out of Africa!!! Backstory: In 2011 Nick Rader and I went on a five-month trip from the bottom of Africa […]

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