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The Alps and Dolomites: Curves, Curves, Curves

Jan 01, 2005 View Comments by

Riding up to another set of hairpin switchbacks, the fifth or sixth mountain pass we’ve climbed today – OK, now, focus on the road…set up for that right- hand switch back, downshift, look up the road…no cars coming…drift to the outside curve, look through the curve, lean…lean…lean more…nailed the apex. OK, roll on the throttle…easy…up […]

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Tour Planning Nuts & Bolts

Jul 01, 2004 View Comments by

Planning a tour isn’t something I’ve had to do for a while. Christian tells me where he wants me to go, and I always do as I’m told! Joking aside, where to go and what kind of tour you’re looking for are the two most important decisions you’ll make. Everything else pretty much follows. What […]

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Mid-Atlantic Italian Motofest

May 01, 2004 View Comments by

About six years ago, my friend Travis stumbled across a sweet deal. You know the deal I’m talking about: the slightly damaged bike that’s totaled by the insurance company and resold at a song. The kind of deal that always seems to elude me. Anyway, the bike was a Ducati 900ss. He put some money […]

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Tools to Go

Mar 01, 2004 View Comments by

Nowadays the quality and reliability of most motorcycles are so high that serious break downs are rare. But you never know. Sometimes a slight defect can slow you down or interrupt your trip. For instance, your bike could suffer from a broken bulb (headlight, taillight, brakelight), a flat tire, or a broken clutch/throttle cable. Or […]

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Mar 01, 2003 View Comments by

Thirty-five miles east of Monterey Bay the small but growing town of Hollister welcomes you. New homes, most inhabited by an overflow of Silicon Valley’s workforce, spread across its rolling grassland, with many a backyard overlooking precisely manicured golf-course fairways. But on every July 4th since 1997, in sharp contrast to this middle-class Stepford scene, […]

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Brake Dance

Mar 01, 2001 View Comments by

For years drum brakes were the best way to slow your motorcycle down until a more effective system took over: the disc brake. Honda was the first manu­facturer to introduce this new brake system in series production. The legendary CB 750 Four (1969) was the first production bike incorporating a hydraulically operated disc brake at […]

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