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KLIM Ai-1 Airbag Vest – A Closer Look

May 10, 2021 View Comments by

KLIM and In&motion (a French airbag technology company) have partnered to bring a motorcycle airbag vest to market in North America. KLIM creates the vest chassis, in which all the In&motion safety components are housed: the inflator, air bag, back pad and In&box detection module. How it works: In short, the In&box detection module is […]

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SPOT GEN4 Satellite GPS Messenger

Feb 24, 2021 View Comments by

Motorcycle riders are happy with SPOT GEN4 satellite GPS messenger as they are able to be in touch with their families from wherever they are. The GPS feature of this satellite messenger enables the user to send emergency messages just by pushing a button. The device weighs just five ounces and uses four AAA Lithium […]

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The Best Pelican Cases for Motorcycling

Feb 20, 2021 View Comments by

We’ve tried a lot of Pelican products over the years, and here are our picks for the best Pelican cases for motorcycling. Whether you’re out on a days-long road trip, a Sunday excursion to your favorite hidden restaurant, or leaving early in the morning for work, you need the perfect case to complement your ride […]

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SPOT X 2-Way Satellite Messenger

Feb 18, 2021 View Comments by

The new SPOT X 2-way messenger introduced by SPOT is a real boon for motorcycle riders. This satellite messaging device enables motorbike riders to be in touch with their family members and friends throughout their adventurous journey. This all-in-one device is easy to use and a lone motorcycle rider is no more alone, provided they […]

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Vasque Talus XT GTX Boots Review

Feb 16, 2021 View Comments by

According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC), 30% of motorcycle-related injuries happen to the legs and feet. As a result, riders tend to choose motorcycle boots that can offer them an ample amount of protection in case of a crash. However, these boots are often not comfortable to walk in for longer distances […]

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Osprey Transporter 95 Duffel Bag

Nov 30, 2020 View Comments by

Transporting your valuables and other travel gear is always a challenge on two wheels. Pannier bags are useful while riding, but won’t help you when you need to walk away from the saddle. One option for bringing your things with you is the Osprey Transporter 95 duffel bag. The award-winning bag’s tough but comfortable construction […]

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Shiny Side Up Motorcycle Book Review

Aug 18, 2020 View Comments by

Author Ron Davis has published a book compiling his best stories and reflections on his 50-year motorcycling odyssey. Shiny Side Up: Musings on the improbable inclination to travel on two wheels covers such diverse topics as the typical “First Motorcycle Purchase,” an attempt at a money-saving “Do It Yourself Oil Change,” and the “Worst Weather […]

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Joe Rocket Sonic X Boot Review

Aug 08, 2020 View Comments by

First and foremost, a motorcycle boot should provide ample protection in case of an accident, and the newest Joe Rocket boot offers plenty of that. The internally reinforced ankle, toe, and heel, as well as the reinforced shin and Achilles areas, cover the essential parts. But the price-conscious Sonic X has two notable shortcomings. While […]

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Giant Loop: MotoTrekk Panniers

Jul 23, 2020 View Comments by

For almost a decade I’ve been using hard panniers on different adventure motorcycles. They provided a secure storage space that was easy and quick to mount and dismount. As I moved deeper into the world of off-road adventures and eventually dual sport, I added a Husqvarna 701 Enduro to the stable. A very troubling and […]

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2020 GORE-TEX and Klim

May 29, 2020 View Comments by

It wasn’t that long ago when riding gear was defined mostly by one material: leather. Early synthetic gear was often coarse, stiff, bulky, and barely breathable. But we’re in a golden age of gear now, with a wide selection of fabrics and styles available to suit most any ride. Klim and W.L. Gore & Associates […]

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Diablo Pro Tankbag Giant Loop Plus DIY Customization

May 20, 2020 View Comments by

There are many types of luggage systems for different needs, but the tankbag is the tool of choice for immediate access to small gear. Giant Loop’s Diablo tankbag was designed with dual sport motorcycles and off-road usage in mind. The 4-liter bag is the smaller brother of Giant Loop’s Fandango Pro 8-liter tankbag, with similar […]

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Klim Switchback Cargo Pant

Mar 20, 2020 View Comments by

Klim, which is known for quality riding apparel, has introduced its versatile Switchback Cargo Pant, designed to be effective both on and off a motorcycle. Claimed to be lightweight and comfortable, it features a durable nylon chassis with Klim Karbonite micromesh and zippered thigh vents for breathability. The pants include six pockets (two hand pockets, […]

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Bohn Performance-Thermal Shirts and Pants

Mar 18, 2020 View Comments by

Bohn’s Performance-Thermal undergarments add a layer of warmth and protection for cold-weather riding, providing an armored base layer to wear under pants and jackets. Both the shirt and pants are intended to be worn as a base layer in cool to cold riding conditions and are constructed from stretchy and breathable tricot Lycra. Protection is […]

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Muc-Off Moto-Specific Pressure Washer Kit

Mar 13, 2020 View Comments by

We all enjoy riding our motorcycles more than washing them, but Muc-Off’s new motorcycle pressure washer makes cleaning them easier. Designed specifically for use on two-wheelers, the pressure washer kit includes four nozzles: a low-pressure wand for bicycles, a higher-pressure nozzle safe for use on a motorcycle’s bearings and suspension parts, an adjustable-pressure nozzle to […]

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Michelin’s New Cruiser/Bagger Tires

Mar 11, 2020 View Comments by

The Commander III is the next evolution of Michelin’s touring and cruiser motorcycle tires. It replaces the Commander II, which has earned an enviable reputation for durability and grip but has been around since 2012. New rubber compounds and a distinctive tread pattern are said to deliver improved wet traction while remaining just as enduring […]

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