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Where the Pavement Ends

Jan 31, 2013 View Comments by

There is a place where the pavement ends and the dirt begins,  There the rocks are large and inviting and the peaks above oh so exciting,  The air beckons and the throttle opens and the pavement ends and excitement beckons . . . (Inspired by Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein) The poem above was inspired by […]

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Epic Adventure Under an Hour

Jan 24, 2013 View Comments by

“Honey, I’ll be right back, I am just heading out to get some milk for the kids.” These are words my wife would never believe. First, because I never call her “honey;” second, we have our milk delivered, and third, if I am throwing my leg over the bike the chances of me being right […]

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Get Lost but Make Sure Someone Knows Where You’re at: Spot Connect

Jan 17, 2013 View Comments by

Get Lost! These words can seem harsh when delivered to you by someone else. But, when you say it to yourself it can be pure heaven! The trick to getting lost properly is to have good maps, a GPS, and in today’s modern age, a SPOT Connect. At first it seemed like an expensive novelty […]

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Finding the Time for Adventure

Jan 10, 2013 View Comments by

Driving to school, work, dance lessons, music classes, grocery shopping, etc—and those are just my activities—and then there are all the kids’ activities. With so much to do it can seem impossible to find a good time to just ride. One way I’ve discovered to fit in some amazing rides is to do what I […]

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Best Way to Not Pick Your Bike Off the Ground

Jan 03, 2013 View Comments by

So you are ready to take your street riding off-road. You have purchased a dual sport motorcycle, or convinced a foolish or wealthy friend to lend you one. Only one problem, you’ve never ridden off-road before . . . Sometimes one of the first challenges for those just starting out is just keeping the bike […]

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Making the Leap from On-to-Off-Road

Dec 27, 2012 View Comments by

So you’ve got the bug. You’ve seen the photos in RoadRUNNER. You are officially ready to discover your own long way around (or down). Only one problem, you don’t have any experience riding off-road. Perhaps two problems, you don’t have an off-road or dual sport bike. If you had the chance to see the now […]

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Not All Horses Were Meant For the Trail

Dec 20, 2012 View Comments by

You pull your pristine (Iron) Horse up to a road clearly designed more for mules than the chromed out, low pipe-hanging, highway tire wearing outfit that you now sit upon. Is it worth trying to go up just a little bit of the trail? Do you turn around and miss out on the unknown? Do […]

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