Bud Miller


A collection of my work Waypoints, Volume 1 is available in print and digital format.

I started riding in 1998, primarily to spend time with my younger brother Dave after our father passed away suddenly at age 57. I was instantly hooked. Dave found me my first bike, a 1981 Yamaha Maxim, which I rode the wheels off of trying to learn the skills my muscles now remember on their own. I have been through many bikes since and currently ride a 2019 Kawasaki Versys, which I believe is the perfect bike for a rider who dabbles a bit in every kind of riding but only wants to own one bike.

I am a year-round motorcycle commuter. Riding for me has always been a form of meditation and one of those pursuits you can spend a lifetime trying to master. Once I started riding I discovered the enjoyment of trying to express in words what riding feels like and what it means to me. I also believe strongly in mentorship and want to pass on whatever I have learned about riding over the last 200,000+ miles. Motorcycling is an interesting pursuit in that regard, a constant process of learning and growth: ever the student, occasionally the teacher, always an advocate. I work as a CAD designer and software developer, and I maintain a website and motorcycling blog at ZenMotorcyclist.com.