Fasthouse x Hot Wheels Capsule Collection

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What do you get when you combine a motorcycle gear maker with a famous brand of toy vehicles? A new apparel capsule collection and a heap of good riding times, that’s what.

Fasthouse and Mattel have launched the Fasthouse x Hot Wheels apparel collection to pay tribute to the southern Californian motocross community. The 25-piece collection includes a variety of clothing, from beanies and caps to T-shirts, pullovers, and even umbrellas.

Fasthouse and Hot Wheels are a great match, as both revel in speedy vehicles (whether motorcycles or toy cars) pulling off high-flying stunts. But the relationship between the two goes deeper than that.

Both companies were founded in 1968 in southern California. Fasthouse’s founder, Hollywood stuntman Kenny Alexander, was brought up with speed from a young age.

“My dad was a desert racer and creative thinker who helped create the legendary Indian Dunes Motocross Park. They put on some of the coolest races ever,” he recalls.

The local motocross community used to gather at Alexander’s grandfather’s house after the races. When he wasn’t listening to their riding stories, he played with Hot Wheels.

“As little kids, we would go and watch the stuntmen on movie sets; guys like Glenn Wilder, Ronnie Rondell, and Hal Needham flipping cars and doing crazy stunts, fire burns. I used to take Hot Wheels and act like there were stuntmen in there doing all this stuff.

“I had that orange track all over my grandpa’s house with the 360° loop, track going up and over couches, underneath chairs. It used to drive grandma crazy,” said Alexander.

This early obsession with vehicles and speed not only spawned his career as a stuntman. Being exposed to speed-minded, creative people also gave Alexander the spark to launch Fasthouse.

Hitting the Dirt

The ultimate goal of Fasthouse is to offer riders a place to gather and talk about motorcycles while surrounded by cool memorabilia. To this end, Fasthouse runs its showroom in Valencia, CA.

But no self-respecting motorcycling company would restrict itself to just talking about bikes. This brings us to the first collaboration between Fasthouse and Hot Wheels.

Together, the two brands put together the Fasthouse x Hot Wheels. The enthusiastic crew first hit the track at Mammoth Motocross in June 2021.

 “The team is made up of some young rippers that embody the spirit of speed, style, and good times. Being part of a team that means something, makes them feel so good,” Alexander said at the time.

The young crew surfaced again at the Day in the Dirt 2021 Motocross Grand Prix on November 26-28. This event, also founded by Alexander and sometimes called the “MX Woodstock,” was a perfect demonstration of the spirit of collaboration between Fasthouse and Hot Wheels.

The Day in the Dirt is an opportunity for families and friends to come celebrate motorcycles and the riding lifestyle with a like-minded crowd. Hot Wheels is right at home in this atmosphere, said Alexander.

“Hot Wheels embodies the spirit of play when it comes to motocross. We’re trying to create a fun atmosphere,” he added.

Bikes—A Way of Life

And that’s the key word—fun. Despite the team having a sponsorship deal with Mattel and Hot Wheels, Alexander emphasized that the riding isn’t just about trying to score the most gold medals.

“We look for the kid that has character. We don’t pressure them into winning. If they have fun, they help us realize our goals in creating a cool vibe,” said Alexander.

With this pressure-free approach, Fasthouse and Hot Wheels hope to foster the next generation of bike racers and stuntmen. After all, Alexander recognizes that not everyone is born into the sport like he was.

“We came up with A Day in the Dirt because we wanted to bring back the joy we felt when we were kids going to all those cool races. I feel if we guide the people that didn’t grow up with a dad or a mom who took them to the desert, we can guide them down the path of how motorcycling can be cool, and not just about racing,” Alexander mused.

“We want to help people feel the true meaning of being into motorcycles. It’s riding, it’s being with friends, it’s camping. It leads to a way of life.”

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