January 2022 Moto Market

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D.I.D Chains

As digital as bikes have become, you just can’t replace some good old trusty physical components—like the chain. Well, you can actually replace the chain, and D.I.D offers alternative chains to bring more strength and performance to your bike. Their ZVM-X chain series is one of the highest-rated street/adventure/touring chains. These strong chains feature X-Ring technology to boost sealing performance and minimize power loss. D.I.D has also introduced the blacked-out Raven Edition to make the chains blend into your dark bike. Additionally, the 3-in-1 KM5500R Chain Tool makes cutting the chain, press-fitting side plates, and riveting pin heads a breeze. The chains are available from $200 and the tool for $136.


iMAT and iMAR Maps

Infamo’s Monongahela Adventure Trail (iMAT) and Adventure Road (iMAT) maps take you to some of the most exciting roads of the Monongahela National Forest located in West Virginia. The iMAT route, featured in our Aug ‘21 issue, is an off-roading treat through rugged trails, while the iMAR route is more suitable for street bikes. The iMAR maps recently got an update to replace a road that has deteriorated in the past year. You can download the maps as GPX files, or purchase a paper map of the iMAT route for $12.95 to support the project. 



Z1R Saturn Helmet

The Z1R Saturn Helmet protects your noggin and blends stylistically with your heritage bike. The injection-molded polycarbonate shell fulfills DOT standards, while the padded interior provides a firm fit. The open-face helmet also comes with a removable moisture-wicking liner for enhanced comfort. You can shield your eyes from glare with the removable drop-down sun visor, and the helmet is also compatible with most three-snap shields and visors. The D-ring closure system keeps the Saturn Helmet securely in place. And to top it all off, at $89.95 you don’t have to break the bank to stay protected. 


BMW Ultimate Riders Kit

Whether you’re heading out on a relaxed one-day ride or an intensive long-distance tour, it pays to be prepared. BMW’s Ultimate Riders Kit offers you a whole slew of original BMW accessories to make your ride smooth and safe. The $375 kit includes a battery charger, a spray cleaner and polish, Advantec Protect fuel additive, a tire pressure meter, a LED flashlight, a first aid kit, and a USB cable set, alongside an equipment organizer and a foldable backpack.

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