Kawasaki Motorcycles: Going Electric by 2035

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Kawasaki Japan indicated that the brand is working hard to bring electric motorcycles to the market, promising their entire lineup will be electric by 2035… In some markets.

The electric and hybrid models will be the only options sold in developed countries (USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Japan). Developing countries will continue to receive gas powered motorcycles, as they will not yet have the infrastructure necessary to support all electric vehicles. Nonetheless, this is a bold initiative by Kawasaki. If they pull it off, they will be setting the industry standard for alternative powered vehicles globally. Other brands have been joining the “race to electric” too, with BMW, Harley-Davidson, Husqvarna, Royal Enfield, and Honda also working on electric powered vehicles.

[At EICMA 2019, Kawasaki unveiled their EV program with his prototype electric bike presumed to be a remake of the Ninja 400]

News of electric bikes on the horizon isn’t totally unexpected from Kawasaki.¬†We saw a sneak peek of Kawasaki’s work on electric bikes a couple years ago at the EICMA show when they unveiled what looks to be a modified Ninja 400.

[Kawasaki is committed to releasing 10 electric models by 2025, which is quite an undertaking in itself with only 4 years left to complete development. If Kawasaki pulls this off, there will be more new motorcycles released than they have in the entire last decade.]

Kawasaki Japan held a business policy briefing on October 6, 2021 where they discussed their electrification plans. This briefing is where Kawasaki revealed their plans to bring 10 new models to dealerships by 2025 and that by 2035 all main motorcycle models will be available as hybrid of pure electric vehicles in developed countries. This will be in addition to their hydrogen-powered clean energy models which are also in development a this time.

In a statement to RoadRUNNER magazine, Brad Puetz (Kawasaki USA Media Relations Manager) said, “To continue as a leader in the powersports industry, Kawasaki is taking the first steps in moving towards a future with hybrid and battery electric vehicles. Development of HEV models is well underway, and we look forward to sharing more information as they get closer. No specific model information is available at this time.”


We’re on the edge of our seats, Kawasaki!

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