Vasque Talus XT GTX Boots Review

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According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC), 30% of motorcycle-related injuries happen to the legs and feet. As a result, riders tend to choose motorcycle boots that can offer them an ample amount of protection in case of a crash. However, these boots are often not comfortable to walk in for longer distances and periods. Therefore, when you get off the bike to explore the trail on foot, it can lead to a lot of discomfort.

VASQUE Talus XT GTX Boots not only offer protection in case of a crash, but also provide greater comfort when exploring trails on foot.

Lightweight and Waterproof

The VASQUE Talus XT GTX Boots carry with them the promise of comfort and lightweight design. And both of these promises are delivered.

The boots combine a waterproof leather upper with an equally waterproof, breathable GORE-TEX membrane. This provides you with a durable and lightweight leather boot that is perfect for your weekend hiking plans. As compared to other traditional leather hiking boots, the Talus XT GTX offers superior comfort and durability on the roughest and the wettest trails.

Incredible Grip

The VASQUE Talus XT GTX uses a Vibram MegaGrip outsole that specifies the rubber for added grip on both dry and wet surfaces. Moreover, the MegaGrip outsole is durable, making it last for plenty of miles.

In addition to excellent traction, the MegaGrip outsole comes with a rugged and aggressive tread pattern. That said, maximum grip occurs when the foot is flat on the ground. However, it doesn’t mean that the boots will not offer you grip while using the front of your foot. Therefore, if you are looking for more grip, the Talus XT GTX is your best choice.

Excellent Support

The VASQUE Talus XT GTX Boots offer excellent support for your feet. Whether you’re on a a one-to-two-mile hike or a longer, all-day trip, these boots provide you with superior support and comfort.

Often the soles of hiking shoes are so soft that you will feel every rock and branch you walk on. However, with the Talus XT GTX you will not feel anything under your feet, even when jumping off said rocks and branches. The boot has enough room in the toe box to allow you to move your toes around. Overall, the boots provide excellent support for your ankle and entire foot area.

Final Thoughts

There is a lot to like about the Talus XT GTX Boots. From abrasion-resistant mesh material to dual-density EVA footbed, the waterproof hiking boot provides you with unrelenting traction and toe protection. You no longer have to compromise uncomfortable hiking for ensuring feet protection in case of a crash. With the Talus XT GTX, you can comfortably hike for miles and protect your feet from an unwanted accident during motorcycle traveling.

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