Just Ride: Support Women Riders on International Female Ride Day

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Gone are the days of motorcycle stereotypes. If you automatically think of Sons of Anarchy when you think of motorcyclists, you haven’t been paying attention. And if you still think of motorcycling as a male sport, well, you can throw that notion out the window too.

Women don’t just ride pillion anymore.

Females now make up close to 20% of riders—and this trend is predicted to grow. Since 2007, International Female Ride Day (IFRD) has worked to inspire and encourage women around the world to discover the joys of riding. As IFRD Founder Vicki Gray puts it, “It is truly an experience like no other—exhilarating, liberating, and fulfilling. The female riding community is one of expanding camaraderie on the open road.”

This sentiment is seen across the globe in groups like The Litas and the many other international, national, and local motorcycle clubs dedicated to empowering women riders.

Our own Publisher and Editor-in-Chief at RoadRUNNER magazine is also a woman and long-time rider. Christa Neuhauser is a huge advocate for women motorcyclists and especially looks forward to seeing women riders out on the road for IFRD. “We still have a long way to go as women riders, especially in dealerships, but it’s getting better each year. I always thought it was cute when a man gave me riding tips but then failed to keep up through the curves.”

This year, Indian Motorcycle has partnered with IFRD to help celebrate the women riding movement and the passion female riders share for the sport. “It’s encouraging to see more and more female riders around the world riding motorcycles as a pastime, and joining the Indian Motorcycle brand,” said Pam Kermisch, Chief Customer Engagement and Growth Officer. “IFRD is an incredible movement in its unique ability to rally the cause of female riders, and more importantly, female empowerment on a global level, and that’s something we are very proud to be a part of.”

So get ready to ride!

This Saturday, August 22, IFRD and Indian Motorcycle are calling for all women riders to get out and “Just Ride.” That’s the only requirement. Solo or with friends or family, Saturday is a time for women (and men) around the world to show their love for motorcycling and their support for female riders.

And don’t forget to be social!

Indian and IFRD are encouraging riders to share their photos and experiences with others on social media by using the hashtags #IFRD and #InternationalFemaleRideDay.

Where ever you are and whatever you ride, be safe, and follow the rules of the road. We’ll see you out there!



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