The New Cardo PACKTALK Packs a Punch in Style and Sound

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Cardo_PACKTALK BLACK packaging

Have you ever been on a ride with someone and wished you were able to communicate with them with more than just hand signals? Or been on a group ride, when, if communication were feasible, less chaos would have ensued or a rider wouldn’t have gotten lost?

Thanks to technology, motorcyclists are now able to stay connected during a ride, even in groups. A leader in communication tech, Cardo has been connecting riders helmet to helmet since 2003. And since then, they’ve continually fine-tuned and evolved their products to meet the demands of today’s rider.

The new Special Edition Cardo PACKTALK not only offers motorcyclists a more sophisticated and versatile system, but also upgrades its styling for a more attractive, modern appearance. Cardo’s Chief Marketing Officer, Dan Emodi, describes the new Packtalk as a way for riders to “reap the benefits of PACKTALK’s superior, proven technology and unmatched features, but do so with a darker, edgier expression of personal style.”  

Speaking of features, this new system boasts all the attributes you have come to love and expect from Cardo communication systems, as well as a waterproof design and a robust and powerful sound, thanks to the included 45mm JBL speakers.

You won’t have to worry about stopping to charge your device during a ride either, as the PACKTALK provides approximately 13 hours of battery life. You can also seamlessly connect up to 15 riders. Better yet, connectivity covers up to 5 miles and allows riders to leave and rejoin at will—this is perfect for riders who want the ability to communicate when needed, but avoid any unwanted “buzzing” noises in their helmets.

Another nifty feature is the PACKTALK’s hands-free functionality, which uses natural voice operation (think Alexa or Siri) for ultimate safety. In order to activate it, all you need to do is say “Hey Cardo,” and speak your commands—all without ever having to take your eyes from the road or hands off the grips.

The PACKTALK Black is now available for pre-order for $389.95 with free shipping and comes with a three-year warranty for added peace of mind in your investment. 

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