2020 CSC Motorcycles RX4

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2020 CSC Motorcycles RX4

Everyone needs a getaway vehicle at the ready. For an ever-increasing number of motorcyclists, that vehicle is an ADV bike. Stereotypical adventure-touring rigs are tall and heavy. Speaking directly to those looking for a smaller, lighter, cheaper getaway vehicle, CSC calls the 450-pound, $4,995 RX4 “your adventure within reach.”

The 450cc RX4 was developed by Zongshen, a Chinese manufacturer that claims to build more than a million motorcycles per year. CSC Motorcycles is Zongshen’s exclusive North American importer, distributor, and sole retailer.

CSC has a unique, consumer-direct business model that sidesteps dealerships. Customers simply order online. After final assembly, prep, and road testing, ready-to-ride bikes are shipped to their new owners or an independent store. Buyers can also choose to pick up their steeds at CSC headquarters, which is located in Azusa, CA, 24 miles northeast of Los Angeles.

The RX4’s modern-looking, single-cylinder motor is fuel-injected and counterbalanced. Fuel is sucked through a 40mm Delphi throttle body and is squeezed at an 11:1 compression ratio, runing clean enough to be 50-state legal.

Although it comes equipped with ABS, adjustable suspension, skid plate, mudguards, a rear rack, LED lighting, dual charging outlets, and more, throughout my 200-mile ride on freeways, backroads, dirt trails, and suburban streets, the relatively smooth 40.2 horsepower motor stood out as the bike’s defining feature. It ran well up to and beyond the 9,000-rpm redline, quickly building enough steam to cruise with 80 mph traffic in sixth gear and torque up steep hills at walking speed in first. The transmission’s well-spaced gears shifted positively with or without using the clutch; it didn’t overheat or otherwise act up.

Maintenance looks to be straightforward. Clean the air filter and maintain the heavy-duty 530 drive chain regularly. Replace the motor’s two quarts of oil and filter ($9.95) every 2,500 miles. The intake and exhaust valves call for inspection in 5,000-mile intervals. Their screw-type adjusters simplify the process and don’t require costly shims—or advanced math skills. Other than that, swap out the fuel filter ($8.32) every 10,000 miles and ride on!

The RX4 comes with a two-year, unlimited-mileage warranty that covers parts and labor during the first 12 months. Afterward, parts are free, but owners must pay for labor or do the work themselves. CSC boasts that it stocks every part for every bike it sells, and, thankfully, parts for the RX4 are relatively inexpensive. The company also provides online tech tutorials—in written and video form.

The RX4 looks like a serious ADV machine, is built on a solid foundation, boasts an impressive array of standard adventure-bike features, and is backed up with extensive, owner-immersive after-sale support. Like an off-brand helmet, this motorcycle performs the basic tasks it was designed to accomplish, but various details illustrate why it costs less than similar bikes from more established brands. Fortunately, the RX4’s shortcomings can be addressed with aftermarket parts and CSC’s bike-specific accessories to make it a perfect getaway vehicle.

2020 CSC Motorcycles RX4
$4,995, www.cscmotorcycles.com

Photography: CSC Motorcycles/Barry Hathaway



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