2020 KTM SX-E 5: Introducing Kids to Motorcycles

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KTM’s new SX-E 5 is a handy way to share the love of two wheels with the next generation—using electricity. The concept is to bring in people who might not otherwise be into motorcycling by making the user experience less intimidating and more accessible.

The electric minibike boasts power similar to KTM’s two-stroke 50 SX but nearly cancels out maintenance requirements and noise. There is no kickstarter or gears to teach, no gas tank to fill, and no maintenance other than oiling the drive chain. Almost silent, it can be ridden in areas not typically accessible to minibikes.

The SX-E 5 is designed to grow with its rider. An adjustable polymer subframe and rear shock allows for seat heights that range from 25.7 inches to 27.5 inches, while an accessory lowering kit ($150) can bring down the seat to just 21.9 inches. Power levels also grow with a rider, and are adjustable at the push of a button. Thrust ranges from a walking pace on Level 1 on up to its 5,000 watts of peak power on Level 6, which is nearly as powerful as its 50 SX sibling. Peak torque is 10.2 lb-ft, which is quite a bit for a bike weighing just 90 pounds. Suspension is fully adjustable.

The bike’s 907-watt-hour lithium-ion battery can last as long as two hours of riding in low-power modes. Full power in race conditions will drain the 12-pound battery in about 25 minutes of use. If fully drained, the battery requires 45 minutes of 110-volt juicing to get to 80%, or 70 minutes for a full charge.

Considering ease of use and the absence of noise potentially opening up new riding areas, the SX-E 5’s $700 premium ($5,049) over the 50 SX seems almost reasonable.


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